Revamping Ottensheim power plant - rebuilding the turbines

The Ottensheim/Wilhering power plant was commissioned in 1974 and has been regularly maintained and partially refurbished. Since 2020, the power plant has been undergoing comprehensive revitalization. By 2029, major electrical and mechanical components will be replaced to increase the efficiency of the power plant.

To increase turbine output, one of nine turbines will be renewed each year. HAINZL was entrusted with the renewal of the hydraulics and is thus an essential partner for the revamping of the entire plant. The challenges were the as-is status of the installed third-party equipment, the tight schedule and the complex installation situation. Commissioning had to be strictly adhered to due to the weather conditions at that time (high water season).

Scope of the project

  • On-site survey of the existing hydraulics and installation situation
  • Renewal of the hydraulics, lubrication and piping.
  • renewal of the displacement measuring system as well as
  • cleaning and final quality inspection of the revitalized cylinders.
  • renewal of the corrosion protection and establishment of the tightness

Advantages for the customer

  • Increase in performance and energy efficiency.
  • Turbine output will increase by 45 megawatts and electricity generation by 56 kilowatt hours. This means electricity for an additional 16,000 households and avoids 42,000 tons of CO2 annually.
  • Simple communication channels and reduced interfaces, as many components were rebuilt by HAINZL.
  • Qualified HAINZL specialists for technology and assembly