Skydrol test stand for aeronautical engineering

HAINZL has developed an end-of-line test stand for a major manufacturer of hydraulic hoses for the aircraft industry. The compactly designed test stand tests the tightness of brake lines with the Skydrol hydraulic oil. When handling the aggressive medium "Skydrol", special measures are required with regard to work safety and material use. The test stand ensures the final quality assurance of the brake lines before delivery. The data of the test item is automatically read in by means of a barcode scanner. After testing, the hose is emptied by means of compressed air.

Technical data

  • 4500 PSI (310 bar)
  • 3 hoses at the same time, quick change coupling
  • Emptying by compressed air
  • Air exhaust of the test chamber
  • EoL test stand with barcode scanner for automatic data acquisition of the test specimens)