Sports Secondary School Kleinmünchen, Upper Austria

Kleinmünchen Sports Middle School, Upper Austria

The Kleinmünchen Sports Middle School and its sports talents now shine in new light. HAINZL provided perfect electrical, lighting and media technology for the general renovation of the young athletes' forge. HAINZL is particularly proud of the 1000 lux lighting system as well as the installed sound and media technology in the new ball sports hall.

HAINZL Gebäudetechnik was also responsible for the installation of the complete low-voltage distribution system, for all heavy and light current installations, for the LAN cabling and for the installation of the clock system. In addition, safety was ensured with the installation of the fully automatic fire alarm system including smoke aspiration system, the installation of emergency lighting and the erection of the complete grounding and lightning protection system. The conversion was carried out during ongoing operations.

Execution period: March 2021 - December 2022
Contract volume: EUR 2,700,000.00

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