Test line for proportional valves

This end-of-line test stand ensures the quality assurance of proportional valves before delivery. In total, HAINZL manufactures three test lines that are used internationally. The automated test system enables reliable, rapid and fully automated testing of the valves before delivery. Important handling processes, such as placing the test specimens in the test stations, are handled by the robot, so that the line's cycle time remains short and consistent. All data and settings are recorded in a database and the exact status of each test item is logged.

In total, the DUTs are tested in four test cells:

  • Leak Cell: leakage measurement
  • LVDT Cell: Calibration of the displacement sensor (LVDT) installed in the test item
  • Hydraulic Cell: Function and performance test, whether all required reaction times, control accuracies, limit values etc. are met
  • Laser & Download Cell: Application of customer-specific software and engraving of the serial number by laser

Technical Info:

  • Automatic insertion into the test cells by means of a robot
  • Exchange of adapter plates on the test stations for testing different valve groups by the robot
  • Automatic electrical contacting with 10 different electrical connectors, each with different pin assignments.
  • Reduction of cycle time due to double stations and robot handling
  • Storage of all data and settings in a database
  • Parts tracking: Documentation of the exact status for each test item