Testing of the "mudpumping effect" on railroad tracks

The test rig enables testing of the "mudpumping effect" in the rail bed on railroad tracks. The "mudpumping effect" is the undesirable effect in railroad construction in which the fine-grained subgrade penetrates the track ballast. The test system simulates the load applied to the rails by a moving train at 300 km/h. The load is applied by an Oscillating Oscillator. The force is applied by an oscillating cylinder. The force curve is recorded locally at the test stand for long-term tests of up to 500,000 cycles.

Technical data

  • Force curve: Adjustable ramp or sine up to 10 Hz
  • Force via hydraulic oscillation cylinder up to 15 kN
  • Cylinder stroke for load max. 150 mm (5 mm at 10 Hz)
  • Tank volume 200 l, medium: HLP46