Transmission test bench: oil/air conditioning

The transmission test rig supplies the transmission with conditioned oil and extracts the oil/air mixture from the sump. The sealing air supply and the vacuum inside the gear unit are controlled by the test rig. A multi-stage separator concept performs inline air separation from the oil as well as oil separation from the exhaust air. The test sequence including data recording and analysis are fully automated.

Technical data

  • Medium: turbine oil (Aeroshell, Eastman)
  • Regulation of supply pressure from 0 - 35 bar
  • Control of volume flow from 10 - 500 l/min
  • Control of medium temperature from 40 - 180 °C
  • Control of ambient pressure from 30 - 150 kPa (abs)
  • Air separation (up to 90% air content) during circulation