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Hydraulic cylinders & servo motors Drucken

  • cylinder according to DIN 19704
  • diffuser adjustment including position measuring system and measuring ruler
  • cylinder for inlet valves
  • cylinder for double flap sluice  
  • cylinder for fill- and outlet regulator gate

Actuator cylinder (AGC cylinder) Drucken

  • Piston inner diameter 680mm, 
  • Rod diameter 550mm
  • Low-friction running due to special sealing system
  • Process speed under full rolling force 3mm/sec.
  • Weight approx. 4.500kg

Damper systems Drucken

  • Damping control via fine proportional throttle 
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Water cooling of valve plate
  • CMS vibration monitoring
  • Ready wired on intermediate terminal box

Hydraulic Cylinders Drucken

20,000 HAINZL cylinders can be found operating with optimum precision and reliability in a wide range of injection moulding machines, in both injection and mould applications. Special sealing systems and precisely designed damping ensure the smooth running and high performance of our cylinders.

Our product range extends from rapid traverse, interlocking, ejector and locking cylinders, through to rotary distributors used to turn multi component tools. HAINZL is a partner on whom you can rely.

Special Cable Car Cylinders Drucken

This purpose built item is the biggest special cylinder ever to be used for a cable car.  The pull cylinder has the task of stretching the cables on which the gondolas are suspended. Depending on the number of passengers, the pull force in operation can be as high as 184 tonnes given a bore size of 425 mm.

Alongside the considerable length of the cylinder (17 m), the challenge here was to meet the extremely strict demands this entails. This also resulted in an integrated fall protection device to be developed for clamping the 10 m long piston rod.