Customer Service

In industry, smoothly functioning systems are the most important factor for a company's productivity. Our trained service technicians take care of all checks, maintenance and revitalization measures on your system.

We offer you full service in all areas: From the professional commissioning of your system, personnel training and maintenance through to a comprehensive spare parts system, we provide customer-specific support 24/7.

We are your guarantee for maximum system availability and reliability. Worldwide and at almost any time.



Commissioning, maintenance and spare parts inventory

Professional commissioning and regular servicing by our service technicians increase the productivity and service life of your system. We guarantee rapid availability of spare parts thanks to our extensive warehousing and in-house production.

// Commissioning including assembly, piping, electrical installation

// Health check of the system including software check

// Recognizing faults and troubleshooting

// Recommendations for action including offer

// Comprehensive spare parts warehouse and fast delivery

Premium Technical Support (PTS)

With PTS, we offer a support contract that gets the best out of your system at all times. Depending on your needs, we support you with service modules such as remote maintenance, telephone support, annual service and spare parts packages. In this way, we ensure maximum availability of machines and systems.

// Premium telephone support up to 24/7

// Remote maintenance

// Preventive maintenance and annual service

// Spare parts package


Our revamping modernization service brings your system up to the latest state of the art and extends its service life and productivity.

We will show you the optimization potential of your system through a comprehensive inventory and detailed customer consultation. Our qualified specialists in engineering, technology and assembly will breathe new life into your system during a planned shutdown.

Our international partners

We want to offer our customers worldwide outstanding customer service and rapid support. As part of our international network, you will find contacts who provide first-class service for us - locally, promptly and regardless of your location.

Pittsburgh (USA)

Kolkata (India)

Bergamo (Italy)

Seoul (Korea)

Manamah (Bahrain)

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)