Hydraulic systems

Our hydraulics move. It lifts, lowers, opens and closes, turns, pushes, pumps and presses.

We dimension our systems according to your requirements. We take care of the development, design and production and deliver the highest quality through durable and reliable products.

Hydraulic systems and plants are also built fully automated or for use in special environmental conditions at the customer's request and meet the highest international standards of quality, safety and sustainability.


Compact hydraulics

Our compact power packs are available as single units or as series products. The basic structure is modular and designed with standard components.

Individual designs can be realized, for example, by special superstructures or mobile variants. We deliver your compact hydraulics ready for operation and including CE marking.

  • Constructive adaption of our systems to your space conditions
  • Individual design / special designs
  • Standard components
  • Single and series systems
  • Mobile and stationary
  • Ready for operation (incl. electrics and control system), piped, incl. control cabinet, turnkey with CE marking
  • Plant data retrievable via CMS
  • Tank sizes: standard 30 to 1.250 l
  • Flow rates: up to approx. 200 l/min
  • Drive power: up to 45 kW
  • Operating pressures: typically up to 250 bar

Large hydraulics

We are your contact for hydraulic supply systems up to tank sizes of 80,000 l.

We design and produce your individual version from a simple power unit to a fully automated, turnkey hydraulic system and commission it with you, ideally directly on site.

  • Tank size: 80.000 l
  • Pressure: 420 bar
  • Flow rate: 9200 l/min
  • Installed motor power: 8 MW
  • Installed cooling capacity: 4 MW

Valve stands and valve controls

Valve stands are distribution centers and conduct fluids from the central supply to the decentralized end user. Tightness and robustness play a major role here.

Our valve stands do all this reliably.

  • Controllers also with Performance Level


Storage stations

Safe operation through our diverse storage solutions. The safest in our storage systems, because our quality is certified by TÜV.

We supply bladder accumulator batteries, piston accumulator stations as well as wind boiler systems. Including engineering, manufacturing, testing and all necessary documentation.

Lubrication systems

Lubrication systems maintain the high efficiency, service life and accuracy of machines and equipment. They are essential for the high quality of our systems and equipment. And that is why efficient and effective lubrication is very important to us.

We specialize in transport, distribution and metering, feeding lubricants to bearings and lubrication points, heat dissipation, removal of wear particles from bearing points, and control and monitoring of the lubrication system.

  • Energy-efficient solutions through F/U pressure control of the drives
  • Tank sizes up to 80.000l
  • Flow rates up to 4.000l/min

Special aggregates

As a competent and long-standing hydraulics specialist, we are able to implement customized special solutions, such as power units with combustion engines, power units in ATEX design and container power units, in addition to the classic standard power units.

We are your reliable development and technology partner for drive technology, hydraulics and automation.

Our service and product overview