Hydrogen will make a major contribution to climate change and is one of the key factors for a sustainable future in the industry, energy and mobility sectors.

We are experts in the use of hydrogen and are working with partners to develop systems to drive the hydrogen economy forward. In doing so, we aim to promote a green future and help ensure that the technology can be made available safely and widely.

With our conditioning and test systems, we enable our partners to develop safe components and systems for hydrogen applications.


Conditioning systems and process technology

We support our partners in the development of safe and efficient products and systems in the hydrogen sector. With our conditioning systems we are the right partner in research and development as well as in serial production. The supply of hydrogen, but also other media, as well as their conditioning with regard to pressure, temperature or gas composition is possible with our solutions, which include:


// Conditioning systems for fuel cell systems

// Systems for mixing gases

// Gas analysis technology

Test benches and test bench technology

Components for applications with hydrogen require particularly reliable and safe testing and analysis and place high demands on the materials used. The special properties of hydrogen as a medium must be specially taken into account when testing individual components. In the field of hydrogen, we have a high level of expertise in the following testing applications:

// Sensors

// Valves

// Pressure retaining equipment

// Fuel tanks:

  • Burst test according to EC_79/2009 and ECE_R134
  • Pressure test according to EG_79/2009 and ECE_R134
  • Leakage test according to EC_79/2009 and ECE_R134

High pressure systems

We develop system solutions for compressing gaseous hydrogen to high pressures of over 700 bar and for its safe distribution from source to use. The integration of storage solutions into the overall system and loss-free transport is part of our portfolio. Together with partners, we develop solutions for the efficient use and safe operation of such hydrogen systems.

// H2 filling stations (e.g. trailers or cylinders)

// Hydrogen distribution systems (e.g. hydrogen networks)