Process automation

Our process automation solutions are designed to optimize our customers' manufacturing processes and achieve production targets efficiently. With our extensive system options, we can automate your assembly, your entire production, your testing system or support you with your handling requirements.

With our innovative OCEAN automation platform, we also offer seamless interface connection and automation of the entire system. OCEAN is supplied as standard with every automated system and machine and enables digital control and an overview of the entire process as well as detailed reporting.





Assembly systems

In the assembly cell, the robot performs the designated assembly steps of your product and concludes the assembly with an inspection.

The parts and body components are transported by conveyors to the automated assembly area.

Safety fences ensure a high-quality production environment.

Processing facilities

The production line integrates all process steps and concludes each one with documentation.

Complex productions are divided into individual processing stations, connected with conveyor belts or robots, they are thus integrable into your production flow.

Automated testing systems

To ensure the quality of high-series test specimens, it is necessary to achieve a high degree of automation in the testing phase.

Robots handle the test specimens throughout the entire testing process. These run fully automatically and archive the process data obtained.


Our heavy-duty robots are mainly used in the forging, rolling and foundry industries. They convince with high dynamics and exact positionability.

Due to their solid mechanical structure, our heavy-duty robots combine highest reliability with low deformation.  

Additionally, the modular design allows highest flexibility for future requirements

// 5 axes buckling robot

// Up to 1500 kg payload

// 5250 mm reach

// 2 mm position accuracy

// Integrated load measuring system

// Gripping force individually adjustable

// User-friendly commissioning and intuitive control

// State-of-the-art CNC system based on industrial PCs

// Real-time capable operating system through a redundant bus system

// User-friendly setting of all control parameters

// Control can be linked to customer database


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