Rotary unions

Our rotating unions are used in almost all industries for the transmission of media (oil, air, grease, gas, water, emulsion or vacuum) between stationary and rotating machine parts.

The individually designed and customized rotating unions are engineered and built to withstand high temperature ranges, pressures and rotational speeds in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Wherever custom-designed rotating unions must provide long-lasting and reliable service, that is where our long-standing core competence lies.




mm max. diameter

rpm speed

bar pressure

Reliably transmitted

Our customized rotary unions are used in numerous branches of industry and reliably ensure the transmission of media.

Rotating unions with rotary seals

This rotating union is used for slow rotating and swiveling movements. Due to sealed separation channels, different media can be transmitted simultaneously and leakage-free.

// 100 rpm

// 120°C

// e.g. rotary table of injection molding machines

Wear resistant rotating union

This special design is particularly robust. The wear-resistant coating with a hardness level of up to 2,300 HV and the sealing system proven in long-term tests increase the service life and extend maintenance intervals.

// 100 rpm

// 120°C

// e.g. ladle turret in steel mills

High temperature rotating unions

This design is based on materials that can also withstand high temperatures over the long term. This allows media to be transferred to the rotating parts in a hot state (up to 140°C).

// 100 rpm

// 140°C

// e.g. mold change units

Rotating unions with gap seals

Gap seals are used where high speeds are required. The non-contact sealing system for low friction losses even at high speeds.

// 1.000 rpm

// 120°C

// e.g. reel applications

Hybrid applications

Rotary unions can be combined with electrical slip rings or cylinders and integrated in an application. Slip ring designs transmit power, signals and data in addition to a wide variety of media (oil, air, grease, gas, water, emulsion or vacuum).

// e.g. turbine blade adjustment cylinder


We will be happy to advise you to find the appropriate design for your individual application.
Our service includes:

// Consulting and implementation

// New construction, adaptation or repair

// Also for existing plants with third-party products