Rotary unions

Our rotary unions are used in almost all industries for the transmission of media (oil, air, grease, gas, water, emulsion or vacuum) between stationary and rotating machine parts.

The individually designed and customized rotary unions are engineered and built to withstand high temperature ranges, pressures and rotational speeds in a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Wherever custom-designed rotary unions must provide long-lasting and reliable service, that's where our long-standing core expertise lies.


Standard rotary unions

We equip our standard rotating union with rotary seals. .

It is leakage-free. Your individually designed standard variant proves itself at low or clocking speeds and can work with a wide variety of media at the same time.

  • Versions: up to 24 channels
  • Nominal pressure: up to 320bar
  • Media temperatures: up to 180°C
  • Media: oil, air, grease, gas, water, emulsion, vacuum
  • Speed: up to 1.000 rpm

High temperature rotary unions

Increased temperatures require special sealing and bearing concepts as well as special surface coatings.

Our high-temperature design for rotary distributors reliably ensures that oil, air, grease, gas, water, emulsion or vacuum can flow unhindered between moving bodies both when hot (up to 180°C) and in hot environments.

Slip ring versions

Rotating unions with slip rings are essential electromechanical components for industrial machines.

In addition to a wide variety of media (oil, air, grease, gas, water, emulsion or vacuum), they also transmit power, signals and data. 

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