Water hydraulics

When one thinks of hydraulics, the operating medium oil always comes to mind. But there are also countless applications that work with water as an operating medium - in times like these, a clear operational advantage.

Water is a clean medium and brings safety to processes, especially when fire hazards are omnipresent. The low compressibility and viscosity of water also makes its energy transfer easily controllable.

Water hydraulics are used where other technologies have clear disadvantages or are not even possible. Our specialists with more than 25 years of experience with water hydraulics will develop your individual project together with you.




Pumps and systems

We develop and manufacture your individual water hydraulic system with adapted pumps, valves, nozzles or cylinders.

// in flexible sizes and manufacturer-independent

// in various forms from individual assemblies to complete turnkey systems

// Descaling systems for sheet metal, wide strip, billets and ingots

// Press controls

// Axialkolbenpumpen Serie PAH Produktkatalog



// Descaling pumps, high pressure pumps



// Centrifugal pumps, low pressure pumps

// Compact units

// Ball valve control

// Hydrostatic turbine bearing

// Seal water unit

// Peripherals such as: Tank, filter, high pressure accumulator, piping

Valves and valve controls

High-alloy stainless steels are used in valve technology for water hydraulics.

Our valve programs, as individual valves or application-specific valve groups, include nominal sizes up to DN 300 and nominal pressures up to PN 400.

Our special cartridge valve for descaling systems (increased dirt load) is designed with soft-seat technology.

The following basic valve types are available for both oil hydraulics and water hydraulics:

// Control valves

// Switching valves

// Proportional valves



// Flow control vavles



// Pressure relief valves

// Shut-off valves

// Cartridge valves for descaling

// Danfoss HD valves

Block descaling

Descaling and cleaning of steel products is essential to ensure high-quality steel products. If the scale is not removed or not completely removed before further metal processing, but is incorporated into the material, this deteriorates the quality of the semi-finished and finished products.

Many steel processing plants descale with outdated pumping equipment and unfavorable nozzle configurations. Modern descaling plants achieve better quality, higher efficiency and make a significant contribution to resource conservation.

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