HAINZL test line for proportional valves worldwide delivered

HAINZL developed a fully automated end-of-line test stand for Danfoss Power Solution, a leading global technology provider of valve assemblies.

Starting in spring 2023, three test lines will be delivered for global production capability to Danfoss Power Solution plants at 3 different locations. The automated test system ensures the quality assurance of our customer's series product. Thanks to HAINZL's comprehensive know-how, the test line enables reliable, rapid and fully automated testing of the valves before delivery.

The test items are put through their paces in a total of four test cells:

  • Leak Cell: Leakage measurement
  • LVDT Cell: calibration of the displacement sensor (LVDT) installed in the test item
  • Hydraulic Cell: Function and performance test, whether all required reaction times, control accuracies, limit values etc. are met
  • Laser & Download Cell: Installation of customer-specific software and engraving of the serial number by means of a laser.

The cells are connected to each other by a conveyor system. Important handling processes such as inserting the DUTs into the test stations are carried out by robots, so that the cycle time of the line is short and consistent. In addition, the robots also exchange adapter plates so that different valve types can be tested without any changeover effort. All test data and settings are recorded in a fully integrated customer database and the exact status of each test item is logged in real time.

With this test line, we are once again proving our know-how in the implementation of the most diverse customer requirements and their realisation in the production processes. This shows once again how internationally in demand our solutions and products are.

You can find more information about HAINZL Systems Engineering here.