Code of Conduct

  1. Status: Dezember 2021

  2. Foreword

    We offer products and solutions that inspire us, we stand by our agreements and commitments, we act in an environmentally conscious manner and we stick together.

    As an internationally active company, we are confronted with new challenges every day in a constantly changing world. In order to meet these in a responsible manner while maintaining the high standards we set for ourselves and our products, we have developed a Code of Conduct that defines certain behaviors. Through the lived example of each individual, this Code of Conduct is an integral part of our corporate culture. 

  3. Team spirit – Appreciation– Reliability – Joy of learning – Enthusiasm

    These values are lived every day by those who are responsible for HAINZL's success: our employees. A common, respectful and trustful cooperation is the foundation on which the success story of our company is built. We owe our sustainable business relationships to the committed and responsible behavior of our employees, who represent these values not only within the company, but also to our business partners.

    As management, we have therefore decided to summarize in this Code of Conduct the basic rules that we expect all employees worldwide to observe with regard to impeccable behavior in business dealings. However, this does not exempt us from complying with applicable regulations and laws that are stricter than those set out in this Code of Conduct.

    Proactive implementation of and compliance with the following standards is intended to serve as a binding benchmark for our own conduct and ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities. We not only demand this of ourselves, but also expect it from our business partners. Let us be successful together by conducting our business in accordance with the rules and by behaving correctly in our day-to-day business.

    Dr. Björn Fellner, Ing. Wilhelm Eibner


Reporting violations of the Code of Conduct

Every employee is required to report violations of the Code of Conduct to his or her supervisor or the Compliance Officer. Such reports can be sent to Receipt of the possible violation via this e-mail address will be confirmed within 7 days. A final response, after processing and thorough examination of the information, will be provided within three months.