HAINZL Systems Engineering is a specialist for customized rotary feedthroughs

Rotating unions are indispensable in numerous branches of industry to ensure the reliable transmission of liquids, gases or electrical signals between rotating and stationary parts. With a focus on customized special solutions, HAINZL develops, manufactures and tests rotary feedthroughs according to specific requirements. Customers benefit from flexible versions and individual designs that guarantee reliable media transmission in a wide range of applications.

Everything from a single source: in-house development, production and quality assurance.

HAINZL also offers a full service from development to production and quality assurance. A newly introduced quality test bench guarantees comprehensive quality assurance before delivery, which ensures compliance with high quality standards and long-term reliability.

HAINZL's rotating unions are a crucial component for the overall functionality and efficiency of machines and systems. With high-quality products and comprehensive service, HAINZL guarantees safe and precise operation over many years to minimize downtime and costly repairs.

You can find more information about our rotating unions here.