References Power Generation

Hydraulic systems in power plants Drucken

The following hydraulic systems have already been implemented by us in various hydropower plants:

  • bearing lubrication
  • bearing cooling
  • turbine control
  • standardized units for small hydropower plants
  • Fail - Safe - systems
  • Sealing water aggregate
  • Water treatment plant

Hydraulic cylinders & servo motors Drucken

  • cylinder according to DIN 19704
  • diffuser adjustment including position measuring system and measuring ruler
  • cylinder for inlet valves
  • cylinder for double flap sluice  
  • cylinder for fill- and outlet regulator gate

Revitalization, conservation of value & enhancement in value Drucken

  • Winches
  • Winches for passenger tranportation
  • Support winches
  • Carriage renewal
  • Carriage retrofitting from hydraulic to electric and vice versa
  • Renewal of complete electric and wiring
  • Control cabinet and controls
  • Rail tongs
  • Damping device
  • Load measuring and load indication
  • Renewal crane cabin
  • Revitalization hydraulic
  • Revitalization cylinder
  • Revitalization of drive technology
  • Upgrade of Fail Safe systems
  • Centralized Lubrication Systems
  • Oil processing and oil analysis

Drive technology Drucken

  • Electromechanical weir drives
  • Hydraulic weir drives

Power plant automation Drucken

  • complete control and regulation technology
  • visualization
  • main protection and generator protection
  • turbine control
  • control and communication system