HAINZL as a partner of the hydrogen economy

HAINZL Systemtechnik deals with the technology of the future.

Hydrogen will make a major contribution to the climate change and is one of the key factors for a sustainable future in the industry, energy and mobility sectors. HAINZL Systemtechnik's technology enables our partners and customers to develop safe and efficient components and systems for numerous hydrogen applications.

HAINZL has already been intensively involved in the innovative topic of hydrogen since 2018 and, with its diverse system solutions, is a reliable partner for customers from the entire hydrogen value chain.

In test bench technology, HAINZL Systemtechnik has already been an established and experienced system provider for many years. Extensive work is being done throughout the industry to develop safe and reliable components for hydrogen applications. HAINZL shows in numerous projects that the challenges of the demanding medium hydrogen are mastered without any problems with extensive know-how and expert knowledge. A wide variety of components such as sensors, valves and fuel tanks can be tested safely and in compliance with standards using our test systems.

In the field of high-pressure systems, HAINZL develops solutions for the compression of gaseous hydrogen as well as for its safe distribution from source to use. The integration of storage solutions into the overall system and loss-free transport is part of the portfolio.

Conditioning systems for fuel cells and other applications complete the HAINZL portfolio in the hydrogen sector. With its own experts, HAINZL continues to work and research intensively on new projects.

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