HAINZL develops robot for piece goods inspection

Automation step in the production of embedded systems

In 2022, HAINZL Embedded Systems produced and delivered approx. 200,000 assemblies for customers in the heating technology, gastronomy and transport technology sectors. Due to the steadily increasing production figures, manufacturing processes are constantly optimized. In recent years, robots have become the industry standard for increasing production capacities. The employees of HAINZL Embedded Systems have succeeded in developing a fully automated solution for testing assemblies in-house.

Automation stands for high quality, high consistency and a low error rate. All these aspects are indispensable when it comes to safety for users of systems. The electrical safety of our boards is ensured by testing the protective conductor connections on the board, which protects users from the risk of electric shock.

This unit testing has now been automated through the development of a Cartesian robot. In conjunction with an in-house programmed test surface, the robot uses a test finger to move to the grounding points on the assembly fully automatically and tests them according to the standard. In addition, the test device takes over the scan of the assembly's serial number and logs the measurement for traceability in SAP. Currently, HAINZL is already working on a second inspection robot, which will soon be delivered to our production site in Reisenberg.

This project once again underlines the competence of our long-time employees. A high level of technical know-how and more than 30 years of experience in the field of electronics distinguish us and make HAINZL a reliable partner for embedded systems.

You can find more information about HAINZL Embedded Systems here.