Schmittenhöhe cable car Zell am See: HAINZL gensets ensure safety

The Schmittenhöhe cable car in Zell am See has been shuttling up Zell's local mountain for 95 years now. The historically significant aerial tramway was built in 1927 and was at that time the first cable car in the state of Salzburg and the fourth in Austria.

In 2022, the cable car was completely renovated and brought up to the latest state of the art. The extension of the ropeway's concession for the next 50 years brought with it significant innovations - especially with regard to the safety of the aerial tramway.

In addition to the hanger and running gear, the lift was also given a general safety overhaul: Instead of the old mechanical wire rope brake, the Schmittenhöhe lift was equipped with a hydraulic suspension rope brake from HAINZL. This brakes the reversible aerial tramway in the event that a haul rope should break or a rope coupling on the running gear should fail.

Technical info

  • mounted on the roof of the gondola and made the connection to the brake caliper
  • UV-resistant PVC cover to protect against the elements
  • lightweight construction allows for a higher number of cabin passengers
  • 24V electric motor for releasing the brake caliper
  • Additional hand pump for absolute emergency operation
  • Membrane accumulator for compensation of leakage oil losses

Image: Copyright 2022 Schmittenhöhebahn AG.