HAINZL delivers Skydrol test stand for aeronautical engineering

Skydrol is a hydraulic oil with a very high flash point, which is used especially in aviation. For a major manufacturer of hydraulic hoses for the aircraft industry, HAINZL has developed an end-of-line test stand that ensures the final quality inspection of brake lines before delivery.

The compactly designed test stand tests the tightness of brake lines with Skydrol hydraulic oil. Pressure is applied, held for a certain test time and it is documented whether there is a pressure drop in the hose. Finally, the oil is removed from the hose again using compressed air. When handling the aggressive medium "Skydrol", special measures are required with regard to work safety and material use.

With this test stand, HAINZL proves that we can also optimally handle special fluids such as Skydrol.