Renowned "Forum Engineering 2022" at the HAINZL premises

On the trail of digitalization: The Mechatronics Cluster will hold its annual "Forum Engineering 2022" on the topic of "Digital Product Development" at HAINZL's new company building on November 15, 2022. All interested parties can register for it directly via the Mechatronics Cluster.

The well-known networking event of the Mechatronics Cluster will take place on November 15, 2022 on the topic of "Digital product development - from practice for practice".

The speakers - including Ralf Skotschek, Head of HAINZL Automation Technology - will provide valuable insights into how digitization is put into practice and what potential the new technologies bring with them. Because: Many companies are not (yet) taking full advantage of the current opportunities for digitization, the mechatronics cluster notes. Therefore, the "Forum Engineering 2022" is dedicated to this very topic and explores the benefits and opportunities of digital applications for the mechatronics sector with a focus on mechanical and plant engineering.

In addition to exciting presentations and application examples, participants will have the opportunity to get practical input in personal discussions afterwards.

More information and details at Forum Engineering 2022 - Digital product development - from practice for practice (mechatronik-cluster.at).