Highest quality descaling with HAINZL System Engineering

Descaling and cleaning the crude steel is essential for quality assurance of high-quality steel products. If the scale - the oxide layer that forms on the red-hot steel ingot as a reaction with oxygen - is not completely removed before further metal processing, the quality of the semi-finished and finished products deteriorates.

To ensure the high demands on surface quality and dimensional accuracy, HAINZL developed a complete, fully automatic ingot descaling system for a renowned customer, which reliably and safely cleans the raw starting material (up to Ø 500mm and up to 600mm height) at red-hot 1,200 °C with 400bar high-pressure water. The high-precision flat spray nozzles are essential in this process. The system, which is almost 5 meters high and weighs several tons, is currently on its way to the customer on three semitrailers. 

In addition to the complete descaling box, the system includes the entire high-pressure water supply including peripherals (filter, intermediate tank, piping, hydraulic supply) and a turnkey control system that communicates with the higher-level control system.

The customer is not only enthusiastic about the automated and high quality descaling system, but also about our competence in the field of water hydraulics as well as the professionalism of the project execution.

We would be happy to develop and produce your water hydraulic system as well. Just contact us and discuss your project with Mr. Biberauer (g.biberauer@hainzl.at).