Quality inspection of rotating unions now even faster and more comprehensive

Rotating unions are needed wherever fluids (gases, liquids) pass from a stationary to a moving body or flow between bodies rotating against each other. These transitions must be permanently tight. The production of such rotating unions - also for several different media - is one of our core competences.

A new test stand, of course developed in-house, tests the quality of the rotating unions produced at HAINZL quickly and in depth. The test protocol of the pre-programmed test sequence is automatically generated by the system and the data is archived. The feedthroughs can be rotated with a torque of up to 2000Nm during the pressure test, which simulates the load in real use.

Here are some of the many features:

  • Hydraulic pressure test up to 250bar
  • Pneumatic pressure test at 6bar
  • Combined oil and air test
  • Media temperature up to 180°C
  • Rotary unions with up to 32 channels are tested.

As a service to our customers, we use the test bench to determine the torque required to turn the feedthrough under pressure. In this way, we contribute to optimizing the drive performance of the customer's plant.