HAINZL again proves high competence in impulse test systems

HAINZL is currently once again delivering a technologically outstanding impulse test system to its renowned customer and installing it on site. The attractive mechatronic complete system will be used for the hydraulic testing of cooling elements and expansion joints.

Pulse test benches send out pressure surges at high frequency and in accordance with a standardized pressure rise and pressure curve. This is exactly what is required for testing heat exchangers, hoses, fittings and expansion joints. The corresponding safety and technology details are regulated in the ISO 6803 and ISO 10771 standards. And this is precisely one of our many areas of expertise: We are experts in these standards!

The test system consists of a test chamber in which either 3 cooling elements or 1 compensator are tested. In addition, there is an assembly table incl. oil collecting tray for preparing the test objects. The tests are carried out with tempered oil (20-90°C).

The following tests are performed:

  • Compensator test: constant pressure, pulsation test according to ISO 6803 incl. own curve progression, bursting pressure test according to DIN EN ISO 1402, negative pressure test DIN EN ISO 7233, dynamic-mechanical test, axial/lateral and angular displacement of compensators
  • Cooling element testing: constant pressure, pulsation testing according to ISO 10771 incl. own curve progression, bursting pressure testing according to DIN EN ISO 1402, negative pressure testing DIN EN ISO 7233

Our long-standing and versatile competence in the field of testing systems is quickly and reliably available to all interested parties. Just contact Mr. DI Kappacher at c.kappacher@hainzl.at and discuss your project.