Comfortable building automation from HAINZL for energy efficiency and well-being

Modern buildings, equipped with the appropriate technology, can use energy highly efficiently and, incidentally, promote well-being for people. The building automation systems installed by HAINZL, which are reliable and expandable, contribute exactly to this.

Examples of such systems are: weather-controlled shading, lighting control or automated heating and cooling. The contemporary look and the clear user guidance of the operating devices also fit perfectly into the feel-good concept of the systems.

Contemporary building automation enables the control and overview of the individual building services systems of a building and their networking brings significant advantages for comfort and energy efficiency. The individual systems remain expandable as required and can be integrated into the overall building services system via standardized interfaces.

Numerous successful customer projects in the hotel industry, production plants, complex office buildings or in hospitals underline our competence especially in building automation.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Andreas Stumpner at a.stumpner@hainzl.at and discuss your individual project.

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