The Electronic Systems Business Unit at HAINZL now changes to Embedded Systems

The market success of HAINZL's software and hardware team in the Electronic Systems division is increasing year after year and is based on numerous, highly professionally implemented, operational tasks and projects. HAINZL is now setting the appropriate course for a further successful future in this business area. As a first step of several strategically aligned measures, the business unit Electronic Systems adjusts itself to the electronic world and appears from now on as "Embedded Systems".

The term "embedded system" is clear in the specialist world: it is a combination of hardware and software developed for one or more designated functions within a larger system.

In electronics, a customized embedded system, as developed and produced by HAINZL, is the tailor-made solution for OEM customers. On a customized board, the complete control electronics for the customer's series products are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the device. Embedded systems are interesting when costs need to be optimized, contemporary operating concepts are required or/and a space-saving solution is needed.

What does the strategic reorientation mean for electronics customers?

  • Only one contact for electronics.
  • As usual, hardware, software development and series production from a single source.
  • Knowledge gain in the customer project through a broad industry experience of Hainzl Embedded Systems.
  • Many years of experience in the implementation of cost-efficient and long-term available electronic series solutions.
  • Rapid project implementation due to short decision-making processes.
  • Very cooperative partnership.