Mobile test power units from HAINZL allow for quick function tests

In addition to major hydraulic systems, HAINZL also develops and produces small and compact power units that ensure rapid and flexible availability for customers. Among other things, these innovative and mobile power units enable customers to test the hydraulic functions of their systems while they are still in production. A clear time advantage.

HAINZL also supplies customized mobile hydraulic power for a wide variety of applications and movements with its small and compact power units. "Of course, customers can operate their most diverse systems with our mobile hydraulic power unit," Mr. Hofrichter, sales group manager, points out the many possible applications for the small and compact power units.

These turn-key compact power units can also be upgraded to a high standard with many customer options:

  • Mobile carriage
  • Operated by radio remote control
  • Almost any number of hydraulic connections (e.g. 10-fold)

Contact Mr. Hofrichter at h.hofrichter@hainzl.at and discuss your individual project.