HAINZL develops highest software quality even further

Highest reliability and easy control are a matter of course for HAINZL's high-tech systems. Now HAINZL implements new development standards and increases efficiency while further developing software quality and reliability.

To do so, HAINZL has set up a special new development team that implements uniform coding standards, standardized software tests and software libraries with the help of state-of-the-art project management methods. This will ensure the usual high code quality and stability in the future.

These new software standards are primarily used for HAINZL's customized test benches and hydraulic systems, which are fully embedded in the OCEAN software platform. 

In addition, the team provides physical simulations in which, for example, robot cycle times are determined or control strategies are simulated. Concepts for complex systems can thus be tested and visualized in advance. Another piece of the puzzle on the way to successful projects.