HAINZL once again proofs its complete cylinder competence

Ottensheim Power Station, 11/30/2021. The task is clear: Removal of the two nine-ton, 25-year-old weir cylinders and their revitalization. With the reassembly of the cylinder colossi on schedule and the final successful functional tests, HAINZL once again underlines its proven competence in the field of hydraulic cylinders and its long-term quality management.

During the winter months, as operator of the Ottensheim-Wilhering power plant, Verbund entrusted us with two important pillars of the weir system: The cylinders of the lower weir gate, which performed at the top for 25 years in opening and closing the gate. With the professional revitalization and reassembly, the cylinders are once again well prepared for further decades.

The objective of the revitalization of the two cylinders, which weigh 9 tons and are 10 meters long, consists in

  • the replacing of the piston rods (in accordance with the steel hydraulic engineering standard),
  • the upgrade of the displacement measuring system as well as
  • cleaning and final quality inspection of the revitalized cylinders.
  • Of course, the corrosion protection was also renewed and the tightness was fully restored.

For more information on the repair of cylinders from small to huge, please follow this link..

We are pleased about the trust that Verbund and other power plant operators have placed in us for the revitalization of their weirs, but also for further power plant equipment.