HAINZL offers even more components for electric drives with partner I&W

Starting from the automotive sector, the trend towards complete electrification is increasingly establishing itself in all areas of industry. HAINZL supports its customers in the implementation of innovative and environmentally friendly electric drive systems. With its new partner I&W Engineering AG, a developer and manufacturer of electric traction drives, HAINZL can now also integrate their products into drive projects and provide the components.

Fully electric mobile drive solutions offer numerous advantages over other technologies with diesel, gasoline or hydraulic drives:

- Customers appreciate lower maintenance requirements, minimal noise emissions, as well as environmental benefits.
- There is no potentially harmful hydraulic oil to leak.
- With the right power mix, the vehicle fleet or machinery can also be operated in a completely CO2-neutral manner.

I&W Engineering's all-electric drive solutions make it easy to redesign hydraulic mobile drives into the more environmentally friendly electric alternative, because the dimensions of the drive units are identical to those of their hydraulic siblings. This keeps engineering and conversion costs as low as possible.
HAINZL recommends these motors for the following sectors:

- Agriculture and municipal utility vehicles
- Crawler vehicles, e.g. for the construction industry
- Mining and heavy-duty applications
- Mobile work platforms
- Airport technology (Pusher)
- In-house logistics (AGVs) and other self-propelled robots

Key data of the motors:

- Operating voltage 24V to 400V
- Power 5kW to 50kW
- High torque from 1.000Nm@116rpm to 36.400Nm@33rpm
- High flange loads from 1t to 15t
- Optional IP69K sealing (ISO 20653:2013)

For more information on I&W's all-electric motors, click here.