HAINZL introduces new "OCEAN" software platform

With the new software platform "OCEAN" HAINZL is bridging the gap between hardware, automation and condition monitoring for complete systems. This enables, among other things, a central data evaluation of globally distributed production plants. The user is thus able to optimise his processes and increase yield.

The OCEAN platform contains a powerful timeseries database that is capable of processing even large datasets very efficiently and quickly. This is a decisive advantage, especially for large installations that integrate many data sources. With high-performance standard protocols such as MQTT, the platform is open for easy connections to existing HAINZL products, such as test benches and hydraulic systems, as well as to third-party installations.

Via a modern web interface, all data can be conveniently accessed on a PC or mobile device and system configurations are also possible immediately. The customer decides whether he wants to operate the system in his own network or use an existing cloud infrastructure.

With the new OCEAN platform, we intend to offer a simple way of upgrading products in terms of increasing digitalisation, especially for our customers in the mechanical engineering sector.

For further information, please contact Mr. Skotschek at r.skotschek@hainzl.at.

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