High-performance test bench for Internationale Hydraulik Akademie

With a new test bench for hydraulic components, the IHA, the "Internationale Hydraulik Akademie GmbH", would like to establish itself more strongly as a testing and consulting service provider. Therefore HAINZL, a long-standing partner of IHA, was commissioned to develop a new type of test bench for pressure pulse testing of hose lines.

The two-chamber test bench combines pressure pulse testing of hose assemblies according to EN ISO 6803, pressure pulse vibration testing of fittings according to EN ISO 19879 and pressure pulse vibration testing of expansion joints according to DNVGL-CP-0183.

The efficiency of the test bench with the accompanying automation enables not only the above-mentioned tests but also very individual tests which can be designed by the operator himself.  A drive power of 300 kW, a pulse pressure of 1,300 bar at 1.3 Hz and a maximum vibration frequency of 100 Hz are available for the tests. A specially developed pressure intensifier (without contact seals) is used to generate the pulse pressure. This leads to a very low maintenance effort of the pressure intensifier and the test bench.

Robert Becker, the project manager at IHA, underlines the advantages of the project: "The good cooperation is decisive for us. Among other things, our cooperation partner Hansa-Flex had already gained good experience with a HAINZL burst test bench. The cooperation with other manufacturers of impulse test benches, on the other hand, was not so positive."

Further details can be found in the interview with Mr. Becker in fluid.

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