Innovative central lubrication system from HAINZL increases reliability in new sawmill

What began more than 200 years ago as a small sawmill is now one of the most successful companies in the wood industry with over 150 employees at three locations. In the 7th generation of the family, HANDLOS continues to focus on state-of-the-art production methods, excellent equipment and the professional competence of all employees. For the third location in Rainbach im Mühlkreis, which opened in 2021, HAINZL developed and installed an innovative central lubrication system that ensures the efficient and smooth operation of the saw.

The new central lubrication system simplifies the maintenance of the equipment in the sawmill and increases production reliability. Unplanned downtimes due to bearing failures, chain cracks and so on are avoided with the continuous optimised lubrication at more than 2800 lubrication points. The targeted supply of the friction points therefore increases the service life of the sawmill and its components - and thus also the sawmill's productivity. The costs for various spare parts are thus significantly reduced.

These decisive reasons speak for the current cooperation between HAINZL and HANDLOS:

- More than 30 years of experience at HAINZL especially in the sawmill sector shortens communication and ensures quick solutions.

- HAINZL put together a carefree package with independent planning, installation and commissioning of the lubrication system at the entire 14-hectare site. HANDLOS was therefore able to focus on the other numerous tasks in the course of the new construction of the sawmill. Furthermore, HAINZL offers an annual service package.

- HAINZL uses high-quality components from SKF Lubrication Systems and installs them according to the high HAINZL standard.

- Due to the proximity between HAINZL and HANDLOS, quick on-site impressions are possible.

With the central lubrication system from HAINZL, the saw in Summerau is also well prepared for the future and can be easily adapted if the sawmill is expanded.

The saw infeed, sawing line, sawn timber sorting, sawn timber packaging and edger line were equipped.
- Grease: 2279 lubrication points
- Oil: 586 lubrication points.

Implementation period:
- Start of planning: 21.07.2020
- Start of installation: 07.09.2020
- Commissioning of central lubrication system: May 2021
- Project completion: June 2021

For further information please contact Mr Lindner at p.lindner@hainzl.at or +43 732 7892 634.



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