Space-saving display design from HAINZL with external processor stands up to any challenge

The state-of-the-art display design with external processor from the electronics specialist HAINZL has proven its value since its market launch in 2018. The solution is primarily used where shapely touch displays and high performance processors meet tight spaces in devices and systems. This applies to numerous installations today. This display solution is currently used most frequently in industry and gastronomy.

The slim integration of displays into beautifully designed devices and systems is one of the main advantages of HAINZL's separate display processor design. Monitor arms for machine and system controls can be designed lighter, less rugged, and therefore less expensive due to the low display weight. These displays can also be easily and quickly integrated into control panel doors.

The 6 mm thin and 5 to 19 inch touch display requires only minimal space. The associated processor module with its compact installation dimensions of 80 mm x 55 mm x 6 mm (LxWxH) communicates with the display up to two meters apart via its onboard HDMI and LVDS interfaces. 

Software from the basic to the complete customer application 

HAINZL provides the necessary software for the system according to customer requirements. From the basic system software to the complete customer application, HAINZL supplies the customer with any required software layer.

"Depending on the customer's software know-how, we can offer development support from simple software drivers to complete machine applications. Many customers appreciate this very much," states Martin Erber from HAINZL's Embedded Systems Sales Department. For requests or further information please contact him at: m.erber@hainzl.at, +43 664 80792 641.

Further information on programmable touch displays can be found here.

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