The current trend: HAINZL automated cylinder testing system for Weber Hydraulik

HAINZL recently installed an automated end-of-line hydraulic cylinder testing system at Weber Hydraulik, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic system solutions with highest quality standards. HAINZL specializes in customized and high-quality systems and has already developed and delivered a large number of these innovative and highly efficient test systems worldwide.

The newly developed cylinder testing system for Weber Hydraulik integrates state-of-the-art technology, e.g. with regard to resource efficiency, and is used to test various cylinders with different diameters, lengths and designs. The focus of the development was the test equipment capability verification according to MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis), highest process efficiency and complete traceability of the test results. 

With the OCEAN software platform developed by HAINZL, a modular test program structure was implemented that excellently meets the requirements and prepares Weber Hydraulik for future challenges. 

For the recording of the occurring pressures, force and displacement measurements, high-quality sensor technology is used for the pressure, force and displacement measurements with regard to resolution, linearity or temperature dependency.

After selecting the appropriate test program, the test is performed fully automatically, quickly and precisely without operator influence in several test steps. At the end of a successful test, a unique serial number is embossed on the cylinder or, if not passed, the faulty test step is displayed.

For further information please refer to the technical article (german) or contact Mr. Stritzinger at s.stritzinger@hainzl.at.


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