Do your apprenticeship in:

Electrical and building services

Your skills acquired at HAINZL

  • You will work on construction sites in the Linz area and carry out classic electrical installation work for buildings (laying cables, installing switches, sockets, lighting fixtures).
  • Through your work on our diverse construction sites, you will also gain in-depth insights into intelligent building technology (alarm and fire alarm systems, access systems, building management systems, etc.)
  • From the very beginning, experienced colleagues will be at your side and you will learn a great technical apprenticeship that will also offer you many internal advancement & development opportunities later on

Make a career at HAINZL:

Apprenticeship period: 3,5 years (modular apprenticeship), Vocational school: Berufsschule 5, Glimpfingerstraße 8a, 4020 Linz; 10 weeks of blocked training per apprenticeship year.

Special subjects: Building control technology, building technology service, security system technology, renewable energies, network and communication technology

Job opportunities: building services technician, energy technician, control and regulation technician, project manager, team leader, manager

Make your way, YOUR way!