Compact Units

Customized Compact Units

Our range of compact units covers tank capacities from 63 l to 1250 l. The following performance data can be achieved:

  • Tank capacities: standard 30 to 1250 litres
  • Pump rate: up to approx. 200 l/min
  • Drive power: up to 45 kW
  • Operating pressure: typically up to 250 bar

Basic modular structure. However, customer specific versions can be incorporated at low design expense. High pressure pumps, circulation pumps, lubrication pumps, filters, heat exchangers and valve units can all be added. We are happy to automate your own compact unit on request.

Power-Packs Argo-Hytos Argo-Hytos

ARGO HYTOS offers complete power-packs up to a power range of 7,5 kW / 50 l/min pump flow / 250 bar system pressure. The power-packs combine efficient, costeffective and compact design and  permits you to modulate the best combination for different demands.

The product-range goes from typical mini power-packs via underoil-units through classic hydraulic systems. Contact our engineers, they will assist you starting from the inquiry till start-up.