Do your apprenticeship in:

Mechatronics H1 

Your skills acquired at HAINZL

  • As a mechatronics technician, you get our machines and systems up and running.
  • You learn to understand both the hardware and software of mechatronics systems and are present during commissioing.
  • You get to the bottom of malfunctions in mechatronic systems and rectify the faults.
  • With the additional module PLC technology you can specialize even further.

Make a career at HAINZL:

Apprenticeship period: 3,5 years, vocational school: Berufsschule 5, Glimpfingerstraße 8a, 4020 Linz; 10 weeks of blocked training per apprenticeship year.

Special subjects: Automation technology (H1), electrical machine technology (H2), manufactoring technology (H3), robotics (S1), PLC technology (S2), additive manufacturing (S3)

Job opportunities: mechatronics technician, electronics technician, automation technician, control and regulation technician, service technician, team leader, manager

Make your way, YOUR way!