Do your apprenticeship in:

Office administration

Your skills acquired at HAINZL:

  • As an office administrator, you will support our technicians in all administrative and organizational areas from day one.
  • You are responsible for correspondence and order management and competently support our customers and suppliers by mail and on the phone.
  • You coordinate and organize appointments, business trips, meetings, etc. for your colleagues.
  • You work with various programs on the PC (MS-Office, SAP, etc.).
  • In all these activities, you maintain an overview even in stressful situations. You are the central contact point for teams and management.

Make a career at HAINZL:

Apprenticeship: 3 Years, Vocational school: Berufsschule 6, Ferihumerstraße 28, 4040 Linz; 1x a week and for 10 weeks 2x a week.

Special fields: Secreterial, sales, accounting, personnel office, purchasing, shipping, warehousing, …

Job opportunities: Officer-Manager, Customer-Relationship-Manager, Quality Manager, Project Assistant, Team Leader, Manager

Make your way, YOUR way!